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Guaraci Synesthetic, sensitive, psychedelic and organic immersions. Brazil

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Since we can recognize ourselves as humans, we tell histories. From the ancient times to now, we listen and transmit knowledge with different ways of expression. Words putted together in the right way, writed down, can became a book, and teach the unknown. Words putted together in a rhythimic way, can became a chant, and please the senses. But is not only with words that we can tell a storie. A story can be told in many ways... Today who's gonna tell his storie, using the art of blending sounds, is Guaraci. A brazilian producer, also mastermind and co-founder of our netlabel Senso. Bringing the power of the sound journey to help ourselves to see something different. Guaraci has a lot to say, without using words... Estimulating our imagination to the true potential between the lines. Tune in and feel.