Artist verifiedGuillaume Coutu Dumont

Inspired by Krautrock veterans Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze, Guillaume Coutu Dumont composes retro-futuristic pieces full of warmth and imperfections, typical of the ambient synthetic sounds of another era. Soft percussion and repetitive melodies create a hypnotic and nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of an era that may never have existed.

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Guillaume Coutu Dumont


Guillaume Coutu-Dumont's prolific career spans multiple musical groups, influences and countries. Originally a student of electroacoustics and Latin and classical percussion, Coutu-Dumont entered the Montréal techno and microhouse scene with groups such as EGG and Chic Miniature, before heading to Paris and Berlin. The years spent abroad saw him play as Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont or Guillaume & the Side Effects and produce records as MUSEUM or The Per Eckbo Orchestra. Back in Montréal a decade later, he reignited Flabbergast with Vincent Lemieux, released an EP under the moniker Vieux Renard and launched Auflassen, a trio of live drums, keyboards and electronics. His latest project to date, Les Empires, is a synth heavy piece inspired by science fiction and mythology.