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Guy Metter is an electronic composer, sound designer & pianist. Having studied classical and jazz piano from a very young age he has now delved into the world of electronic sound, now fusing both traditional techniques and experimental techniques to create truly unique songs and compositions. Guy Metter is currently performing as both a DJ and live musician with his trio.

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Guy Metter


Guy Metter is set to release his debut single: AUNA - a clear nod to his love for electronic, ambient and alternative music from all over the world. Inspired by his training as a classical pianist as well as by his extensive collection of South African Jazz, AUNA combines vivid instrumentation with a unique form of experimental 2-step-like drums. AUNA is an introduction to Guy Metter - not only as a musician but as a graphic artist as well and is accompanied by an infinite “music video”, which is created generatively from the audio of the track itself. This is viewable at