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Heart in Nature is a platform based in Central America that inspires our reconnection to wild Nature through recordings and meditation music inspired by endangered landscapes. It raises funds to regenerate natural corridors and empower indigenous villages that guard them. Become a member this movement by collecting these gorgeous NFTs to protect the most important biospheres of the planet.

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Heart in Nature


There is a direct correlation between our wellbeing and the sounds we are exposed to. Our nervous systems evolved with rivers running and ocean waves crashing in cycles, waking up to the sound of birds in the mornings and insect orchestras through the night. Our hearing is directly connected to the memory and emotive centers of our brain. In many ways, nature’s symphonies give us a sense of direction in time and space and remind us of our place in life within the planet. Heart in Nature is a platform with a two-fold intention. Tamara Montenegro, the artist and researcher behind the project, documents a Wild Sounds series of endangered biospheres from around the Planet. They are both a bridge that reconnects us to the sounds of Life and a project that reforests lands to create natural corridors for wildlife to prolifer. The proceeds of the NFTs go directly to reforestation and support to indigenous communities that guard rainforests and biospheres. Be part of this movement.