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Art heals, and allows you to express feelings that you can’t keep to yourself anymore. Connecting, that's what it's all about .Heybela is a songwriter and rapper from Colombia who wants to put Latin music on the top of NFTS.

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Heybela is a 21-year-old Colombian composer born in Medellín, a city that was plagued by violence, but that turned that darkness into an opportunity to get ahead and shine brighter. she became the first Latina to release a music collection on Opensea, and with her latest release: "cryptoperreo" she established herself in the crypto community as the first artist to release a reggaeton talking about web 3, NFTS and crypto in Spanish in the form of NFT; on the other hand, his song Isla was #7 in Audius overall trends and #1 in Audius Latin trends. As an artist, she intends to release her first album this year, becoming the first Latin artist to be born with web3; With influences such as Mac Miller and 2pac Bela intends to be a forerunner in female Latin rap, where there is still a lack of significant performers.