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Hi, my name is Mandragora, I am a time traveller from 1354, while I was looking for weeds in the forest I fell into a wormhole, I traveled through infinite alternate realities for like a year, after I got bored of all that cosmic stuff I decided to camp on year 2012, then I found this weird music making box and I knew something big was coming.

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Mandragora prefers to keep his name out of the light and go by the name of “Neto”, hence the username @holasoyneto on most of his social networks. Apparently born in the desert city of Chihuahua, located in the north of Mexico, it was in this place where he decided to fully go into music, enrolling at the local Conservatory but quickly dropped out to pursue a career in music production. While still studying in the Conservatory of Chihuahua he had access to a computer lab which had GarageBand installed, he rapidly realized the possibilities of digital versus paper. One day one of his classmates listened to one of his compositions and said, “Hey, Neto, that sounds like Goa music, you should play it at the local raves.” Not long after being introduced to the local rave scene, he started promoting different kinds of events for different kinds of audience, this served to create a local community to introduce the “Mandragora” project to the world, inspired by the local rave scene and the hip-hop ethos. Having this school of thought led him to create “#futureprog” a sub-genre of Goa trance based on the idea of ever evolving music, of trying to predict the future, right now #futureprog is produced and played by many artists big and small throughout the entire world. This creation led him to move to Brazil for 6 years to join forces with Alien Records, releasing several albums and successful singles, performing at legendary festivals, inspiring a whole new scene of producers and partygoers worldwide. At the moment Neto is based in the south of France locked in the studio creating hundreds of tracks, just released a new mini album and is back on the road, always on tour, always getting those new tracks mastered and ready to be introduced to the world.