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I'm a French electronic musician from Belle île, Brittany. I try to recreate all the emotions I have when I'm listening to music. Therefore I'm constantly searching for sounds that are the most unique possible. I also love to bring people on board. I've been sharing my passion for more than 5 years and I feel grateful for all the comments I received yet. :)

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I grew up on a small island in Brittany called Belle île en mer. My father was a photographer and my mother was a theater actress. My first iPod was the best Christmas present of my life. I discovered and started listening to albums, lots of albums. I listen to everything but I am very influenced by French rap. Very early on, when I was 13 or 14 years old, I listened to tracks from the current French underground rap scene: L'Entourage, 1995, 75 Session... Quickly, I understand that music makes me live things. It influences my way of thinking, my days, my ambitions. Already at the time an aficionado of music, I spent my time looking for the most beautiful nuggets. With time, I developed this gold digger side. Of course I didn't forget the classics and I know how to appreciate them at the right moments! Today, in concrete terms, I have created and developed two small electronic music labels, I set up a sound system with a friend, and organized my first raves on the beach at Belle Ile. I have been making my own music for 3 years, and DJing for 4 years. My passion revolves around all musical projects and my thirst for curiosity has no limit when it comes to music. That's why I'm sometimes considered as a music geek. I know the details of my speakers, amplifiers, synthesizers, drum machine... For me it is essential to listen to as much interesting music as possible and to try to define one's style. This is the essence of modern music production. Since I started to produce my music, I understood that I should not stop because I already feel so much emotion in building it. In my production process, the best moment is always the one where I will find the right notes, the right chord, the right sound. I think NFTs are a good way for music fans to support their favorite producers. I'd rather sell an NFT to an individual and make them happy, give them the most personalized and human experience possible, than feed the streaming platforms and other industry giants.