Artist verifiedIlya Santana

A 20 years career modern electronic music producer focused on cosmic/space disco, synth/retrowave. Owner of Astrolead recordings Releases on labels like Balihu (Daniel Wang), Eskimo, Permanent Vacation, Hooj Choons, Hector works, Feedelity (Lindstrom), Tirk, Nang, and many more.

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Ilya Santana


He discovered his passion for music 35 years ago through his father’s love of artists like Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, and many more. In 1995 Santana began carving out a name for himself as a local Dj by playing at all of the best nightclubs in Gran Canaria. His numerous releases/remixes on labels such as Balihu records, Permanent vacation, Feedelity, Hooj Choons, Rare Wiri, Eskimo, Nang, La Belle, Solar disco, & more- as well as remixing artists like Human league, Space, Zodiac, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lindstrom, Sugardaddy..., with which he certainly left a significant mark on the music scene. He played around the globe as a Dj and live shows on London, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Rome, Tokyo, Mexico... Ilya Santana is actually running his own record label from his music studio based in Gran Canaria named Astrolead recordings, is focused on Space/Cosmic disco, Retro and Synthwave. He have two remarkable music lines: B movie: Is a conceptual universe based on 80s horror/retro movies soundtracks Retrowave: The most pure 80s sound where fits Synthwave and Retrowave Cosmic/Space disco: mainly 70s/80s spacey retro disco