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Electronic music producer focused on the harmonic mix between current beats and classic synthesizers. His musical genre would be defined somewhere in between Synth-pop, Synthwave and Nu-disco. Creator of original tracks both vocal and instrumental, he has released on labels such as Spa In Disco, Transa Records, Quantize Recordings, NDYD Records and Prison Entertainment, among others.

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Jason Core


Jason Core grew up listening to Synth-pop and New Wave hits, spending hours in front of his parents' radio. In the 90s he got seduced by house music when this style became popular in Spain. Since 1994, when his parents bought him his first PC and he discovered the oldest "trackers" to make electronic music, Jason Core hasn't stopped researching and learning everything about digital composing and mixing. He studied intermediate level in classical guitar, which helped to improve his music composing skills. In this way, in 2016 he uploaded his first song on Soundcloud, at this time a record label encouraged him to release his first track. For the time being, he is releasing every track he produces on relevant labels. Jason Core is passionate about analogue synths, house music swing and rhythm and, in essence, every sound that could remind him of his childhood. He has defined his own music as “Eclectronic Music for Eclectic People”, somewhere in between Synth-pop, Synthwave and Nu-disco music.