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DJ and Producer since 1987

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France in 1987. As he works as a cook he spends all his money in buying records and studio material in order to produce his own music with the band. The big turn is coming in summer 1988 when he listen to a brand new sound coming from the USA and called House Music ! As off this time he starts to play all this new sound to the people in generalist clubs in the area of Mulhouse. However the clubs are not really open minded for this music yet… Basel is not far away and his music brings him to play more and more in Switzerland: Basel, Bern, Zurich, France: Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Besançon, Nice, Cannes and as well Germany, Portugal, Greece, Rhodes, Spain, Ibiza etc… In the middle of the 90’s he create Elegance Production with Catalepsia with the goal of spreading the music of the several good producers of eastern France. Elegance parties are launched in Noumatrouff Mulhouse in 1998 and will be one of the best house party in town with guests like Jerome Pacman, Jef K, Rork, DIY and many more First commercial released on serial records in 1999 plus a few other tracks on German labels till 2001. After a 4 years break and a move to Geneva Switzerland he’s taking the opportunity to be one resident of the legendary techno clubs in Switzerland: Weetamix. During more than two years he will be playing alongside the biggest dj’s names and regain the taste of producing music. Since 2015 is back and Jihell is producing more than ever and will certainly make you dance wherever you are…