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🚩 Music Producer - Topliner - Singer 🌵 Co-Owner of Garden Catus Records 💎 totally fan of this new world that is coming

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Joan Alasta


You've maybe already hear me on "Big Jet Plane" remixed by Alok and Mathieu Koss on Spinnin' Records. I'm a Music Producer, Singer and Topliner, inspired by artists from Radiohead to Notd. In 2019, I met the publisher Musigamy, which allows me to express my creativity and meet new artists around the world to create new magical moments. I took another step into the music industry in 2021 by founding Garden Cactus Records with my friend Tanja Ramseger. Today I want to be a part of this new world that is open up. It's a chance to make new exciting experiences as an artist and also as a record company to me.