Artist verifiedJoão M Nunes

Composer, self taught, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, exploring world music styles with the propose of sharing original creations to the world that can be turned into healing emotions to people

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João M Nunes


João M Nunes is a musician and composer from Portugal, whose main instrument is the classical guitar determined to explore the musical culture around the world, he is also multi-instrumentalist playing diverse instruments like flute, alto saxophone, hulusi, didge, percussions, etc... Being self taught determined to wonder more and more, also spent a semester by the hot club school to learn some musical theory and in last years has sought to deepen their knowledge and technique in diverse styles like Flamenco, Samba, Latin, Desert Blues, Gnawa, Afro, World and defining more his own style of playing. He already stepped several national and international stages (Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland), having already made some several participations and joined projects as Katharsis, Gapura, They Must Be Crazy, Khayalan, LManuL and Agora. In 2017 he released 3 albums being her first solo "Recomeço", "Pela Rua" with Gapura and "Mother Nature" with They Must Be Crazy. Nowadays he is working on some solo albums to release soon.