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Juany Gambino is a rising upcoming artist from Camden, New Jersey. His unique sound is taking over his city

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Juany Gambino


Juany Gambino is an upcoming independent rap artist from Camden, New Jersey. He was born February 20, 2002 in Camden, New Jersey and lost his father 4 months after too gun violence. He stepped into the game with his first music video “No Dates” that reached numbers in his home city. Juany Gambino dropped a mixtape before his music video debut and started with recording his music with his friend Flakk Hood in the basement. Juany Gambino is also apart of the music group DGE which includes Flakk Hood, Fatty G, Lil Geno, DG LH and many more other upcoming artists. When he was younger he would make cover arts and record music with his IPhone using the GarageBand app