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Uriah Gabriel Neabar, professionally known as HVRMELODI is an American singer-songwriter and record producer known for his distinctive songwriting style, melodic vocal style, and music production work. He is a rising unsigned and independent artist. HVRMELODI began writing songs at the age of ten and producing his own music at twelve. His stage name was adapted from the two-word compound 'Harmony' and 'Melody.' He is known for his 2-track single/album "Obsession" and for being a lead member of the musical ensemble Kingdom Province Music. According to credited information from their latest album release, he produced a majority of Kingdom Province's songs. HVRMELODI is also known for producing music in the electronic, EDM, techno, and synth-pop genres. He started experimenting with this type of music production while establishing the Kingdom Province Music ensemble. In 2022, HVRMELODI announced his separation from the ensemble and became a solo artist. In late-2021, HVRMELODI released his 45-second home-styled recording "Call Me" onto YouTube. This was followed by him releasing earlier released songs onto his newly established YouTube channel. On January 1st of 2022, HVRMELODI debuted "Call Me" onto streaming platforms. This was followed by many alternate versions of the single. This marked the beginning of his independent music career. On February 2nd of that year, HVRMELODI debuted his 2 track single/album "Obsession" which was his first full recording with vocals that he also wrote and produced. Kingdom Province Music is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) group known for their local hit "Destiny". The group was previously owned, led, and managed by HVRMELODI. In mid-October 2020, he started experimenting with modern hip-hop, EDM, dream pop, chill beats, and other various types of music production. That same month, he released his first audio-visual "Heartbeat" onto the global video sharing platform YouTube under his real name. Due to his parent's privacy concerns "Heartbeat" was taken down along with several other audio-visuals. These actions led to him having to repeatedly change his channel name which gave Kingdom Province many former aliases before it statically became known as the multi-genre (but most prominently EDM or electronic music) "Kingdom Province Music". In January 2021, they released their single "Space" onto worldwide music streaming platforms. Kingdom Province parted ways or split up when their lead producer and manager left the group and became solo in early 2022. Uriah Gabriel Neabar was born in Milford, Connecticut and raised in West Haven, Connecticut. He grew up around a diverse selection of music, especially pop music. As he grew older, he started experimenting with various music production styles. Over time, Neabar developed his music production skill. This led to his first release, Call Me, in which he blended his recording of an electric guitar and his pitched guitar vocals to create a home-styled recording. And then in February 2023, he released his full-length Contemporary Christian single Obsession along with a 20-second intro named INTRO I. Neabar is known for his Contemporary Christian single Obsession and also for his affiliation with the electronic music group Kingdom Province Music. Neabar has released many singles in the Pop genre and is widely known as a Pop musician. Neabar is a dedicated Christian and expresses his faith undoubtedly through his music. His motive is to share a positive message through his music. Especially to a broad youthful audience.