Artist verifiedKinishao

Pop / Funk / Electro artist, Kinishao changed his life in 2022, by quitting the law world to become a fulltime musician. He released 25 singles in 2022 and is currently working on his next EP, to be released in June 2023.

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What if I told you the story of a musician who was hiding? A brilliant artist who hid, very well, under a lawyer’s dress. However, after many years of practising his profession, successes, pleadings, family tears and sometimes grim trials, this lawyer’s dress began to be both too small and too heavy to wear. The artist hidden inside suffocated. Like a carnivorous plant that one tries to eliminate, the music gained ground and came out again and again from him... The music had never left him since he was a teenager. He was a brilliant student, but a terrible mocker. Unbearable for others, I guess.... He had kindly followed (and succeeded) his law studies, to please his devoted mother, to whom he did not want to cause any trouble and who, like all mothers, did not understand that music could be a profession ... But the music was there and insidiously came out all the time. Very introverted, he crossed paths with strange characters, with whom he did hip hop. He then began to make beats for a band whose main occupation was to unravel ... One of his acolytes wrote very well, but preferred the deal to the mic ... while the other had a great voice and a crazy flow, but no longer believed in his dreams and remained locked in walls without sounds... Music haunted the artist. He built a small studio at home and between trials, he wrote his pop songs, composed new beats ... He loved music so much, from Beethoven to Joey Starr to the Fabulous Four and His Purple Majesty... He lived by the music and breathed through it. But he let his passion wither in the background of his life ... Deep inside, a small voice would tell him that his music deserved much better than that ... that what he really wanted was not a “Dress Life”, but a “Pop Life”. Music is indomitable ... it is free and always wins. Then, little by little, she grew in him, pushed even harder into the pockets of his three-piece suits, tore the seams and eventually burst out of him. He knew it: it was time to hang up the dress. Life is too short to miss his dreams: he was a musician and never again would he hide it...