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Laundre Narsú is a 24/yo multi-instrumentalist oneman band and composer from south america since 2019. Sync streams of higher consciousness and chill a lil bit through dreamy psychedelia, stoner prog metal and heavy robot jams. Experimentation is welcomed ;3 Consider following me on my Bandcamp!

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Laundre Narsú


I'm a 24/yo composer, artist and music lover. I love 60-70-80 psychedelia, heavy and slow prog rock and doom, and some electric vibes. If it makes me feel something in my heart, most likely ill dive into it. I live in Cali, Colombia, a city not so much for rock but for Salsa! Playing in many local bands and creating and composing music and art for many other projects across Colombia. I love being close to people that can show me new worlds I've never conceived. I wanted to see what's behind the meaningless joke we call life, so it brought me here! Remember kiddo, we're nobody. Having fun connects us beyond the 8th dimension. Also, wanna see the sound? HAIL THE SUN HAIL THE SPIRAL @laundrenarsu @hailthespiral