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Le Fantom Onde is the medium where i can gather all my beloved passions, from light installations to sound design, I'm always trying to develop my story telling and love for multimedia. Born and raised in Mexico City i feel completely inspired by the strong visual and sound heritage of my land, but also I'm always trying to push forward creating communities around technology.

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Le Fantom Onde


As Le Fantom Onde, producer and agent Leo Mendez explores the possibilities of sound synthesis through a wide techno, industrial and dark synth wave spectrum, along a strong visual component and a cinematic vibe. His music condense the years that Mendez, co-founder of HolaWave store/platform, has dedicated to studying and exploring modular synthesis, a fascination that has led him to share his knowledge in institutions such as SAE Institute, Superbooth in Berlin and MUTEK MX’s Digi Lab, as well as in the iconic Elektronmusikstudion EMS in Stockholm. Regarding his side as modular synth promoter, Leo is the director and producer of Mexsynthco the largest synthesizer convention in LATAM.