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LEXICON AVENUE - ECHOMEN (CHRIS SCOTT) His productions and remixes have featured on many of the best, and most revered major and independent labels in the world like Virgin, Island, Mute, Warner Bros and Mercury Deconstruction, Yoshitoshi, Renaissance, Hooj Choons and Global Underground. His DJ career also spans every corner of the globe in the worlds best clubs. Always at the forefront.

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CHRIS SCOTT LEXICON AVENUE / ECHOMEN How many record producers can be found today that have made some of the most respected, quality and upfront house music in the world for 15 years? Who have grown with the scene and whose passion for it is as fresh today as it was at the start? If you're going to make a list then Chris Scott would have to be on it. While still at school in the mid eighties, he would make a weekly pilgrimage to Newcastle to check out the sounds of the new wave of U.S. club music and the machines that made it and ever since buying his first drum machine in 1986 Chris knew that he was always going to make house music. So in 1992, after six self taught years, he released his first record. From there Chris went from strength to strength writing and producing and his astonishing disography marks his achievements beyond the doubt of even the most cynical of househeads. From deep to dark, from progressive to tribal,and electro he's appeared on the best major and independent labels in world the including- Virgin, Island, Mute, PWL, Mercury, Deconstruction, Yoshitoshi, Airtight, Hooj Choons, Paper Recordings, Saw Recordings, Stereo, Audio Therapy, Junior Boys Own, NRK, Rennaisance, Plastica, Multiply, He is co-owner of Forensic Records and now Octagon Recordings, has tasted top 10 national chart success with 4 top 30 records, remixed everyone from Depeche Mode to Danny Tenaglia and if you look closely at some of the bigger names in underground house music these days such as Lexicon Avenue, Echomen and Mooncat you will find that he is the one constant name through all of them. It's these collaborations with Scott Bradford, Mark Armstrong and Anton Fielding that Chris now spends most of his time. Over the last seven years, performing live with Lexicon Avenue and Echomen and DJ’ing individually has taken him to some of the planets' best locations and most exciting clubs. From New York to Siberia, Buenos Aries to Tokyo and Moscow to Madrid he's proved that he's just as at home in the DJ booth as he is in the studio. The amazing reactions of the A list DJs like Deep Dish, John Digweed, Sasha, Satoshi Tomiie or Danny Howells who champion his productions are always mirrored by the reactions of any crowd he plays to. So, with a decade and a half of moving dancefloors in person or on vinyl, you can hear Chris's understanding of what makes house music so special.