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Singer, composer, and multimedia artist Lia Paris is always in search of mixing influences and energies through her work on musics, performances, concerts and art videos.

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Lia Paris


Lia Paris from São Paulo, Brazil started her artistic life in the circus, graduated in fashion and today collects shows in iconic places around the world. She began her performing career as a circus acrobat and trapeze artist. It was also during this time that she began her journey as a musician. The successful tour of her last album , "Multiverso" (2019/2020), took place in important venues in Brazil, Europe, UK and USA such as Rio2C Rio, and Auditório Ibirapuera SP, Silencio Club ( David Lynch Club) in Paris, Casa da Música in Porto, Music Box in Lisbon, Heaven in London and The NAM Show in the US among others. The music videos for the album received 4 international awards at the Los Angeles Film Festival and London Art film festival. Now, Lia starts a series of acoustic songs. “First Star'' is the first single of them, it came out on September 29th in all music digital platforms and had a Soul Out first release of NFT’s series on Pianity.