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Lonely in the Rain is an emotion that we have all felt. Embodied by a 3D character who evolves with his music, Lonely in the Rain makes music for summer sunsets, winter fireplaces and for each moment of introspection. Mysterious and melancholic, he captures our emotions with ethereal melodies.

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Lonely in the Rain


Lonely in the Rain is a french music producer. He started music at an early age, when he learnt the guitar and music theory at the conservatory. But it's in late 2013 that the adventure began, after downloading the trial version of a famous music production software. He learnt the music production with electro/club tracks, before slowly orienting himself towards electro-chill. He launched his musical project at the end of 2018 by releasing his first songs and signed to Inside Records, Electro Posé's imprint. Followed a series of singles released monthly. In January 2021, he released his debut EP "Falling Into Sleep", including the single "Blue Lights" which accumulated several million streams. His recognisable sound is the mixture of acoustic and electronic elements, to which are added atypical and original vocals. It is this formula that will make his success, as at only 22 years old, he has accumulated more than 40 million plays on music streaming platforms, and has been aired on Sirius XM Chill, the main American electro-chill radio. With a second EP incoming, Lonely in the Rain continues to reach millions of people around the world thanks to its music.