Artist verifiedMad the Martian

Mad the Martian is an animated rock band from another solar system coming to reinvent rock n roll music

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Mad the Martian


Mad the Martian was formed when brothers Bob and Jack Marsh reunited with long time friend producer extraordinaire Anthony J. Resta to do 1 song “C’mon C’mon C’mon” well when the 3 locked out Resta’s Bopnique Studios just north of Boston with Engineer/Magician Karyadi Sutedja the result some 1300 hours later was a new band “Mad the Martian” and a new album “Blast Off” 13 tracks of fresh future/classic rock n roll tunes that sound so familiar yet new and exciting harkening back to the days when we had bands that could get people excited. In addition to the 54 plus minutes of Martian madness and sonic mambo lab mayhem there is more, yes more: what more could there possibly be you ask?…. They’re coming……..BLAST OFF! with Mad the Martian coming to a Theater and TV near you!!!