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Electronic music producer based in Lisbon, PT. Founder and director of Inner Shah Recordings and VIAGE. Past releases on Discotexas, Ritmo Fulcral and Harabe.

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Madd Rod


Madd Rod is an electronic music rebel whose passion for music stems from an inextinguishable curiosity and an affair with the cultural diversity around him. Born and raised in Lisbon, he was from a young age influenced by the blend of traditional and modern elements he found within this intriguing melting pot.

Producing since adolescence, it was around 2016 that he released his first tracks, wandering through genres while searching for an identity. His unrelated academic studies led him to southern Germany in 2017, where he launched his record label Inner Shah and skipped classes to explore new creative processes. The following two years were crucial: Madd Rod returned home and fueled his devotion while playing around Portugal. As his reputation grew in the local scene, he secured his first residencies in the southern coast. The knowledge brought by the extended sets he played there, gave him the confidence for his first international gigs. In 2019, Rod went on his first tour, visiting multiple European cities and beginning to produce the first tracks for his debut album. The following year, he released it on Inner Shah. 'Dystopian Desert' was a 12-track piece inspired by arid grounds. Madd Rod had a prolific year in 2021, releasing new music, signing on with new labels, and collaborating with various artists. Highlights of the year include his chart-topping remix of Devran by SIS, the Shaman Call EP on Harabe, and Rumors, Madd Rod's first EP on Discotexas, where he found a musical shelter within borders. The artist moved to Berlin in 2022 and achieved new milestones in his career, including a Hollywood synchronization, debut performances in Greece and Brazil, and his first tour in India. Nowadays, Madd Rod's music still mirrors a never-gone affair with the multicultural world but mainly magnifies the fine line between Past and Future, aligning modern with retro, the universal with the particle.