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Born in Tel Aviv, Magon moved to Paris in the late 2000s, where he formed the duo Charlotte & Magon. In 2019 he launched his solo career with the album “Out In The Dark” and began touring Europe. When touring was stopped abruptly in March 2020, Magon got back to the studio and began recording. Resulting in 2 albums released in 2021 on Howlin’ Banana records & December Square.

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Born in Tel Aviv, Magon moved to Paris in the late 2000s, where he formed the duo Charlotte & Magon. Fast forward to 10 years of concerts and 3 albums later, Magon decided to launch his solo endeavour with his first record Out In The Dark, released in 2019 by December Square / T.Rex Recordings. This first album revealed to us the DNA of the songwriter, where we meet the Pixies, Dylan, Bowie, and the eternal influence of groups who have understood everything about cool, like the Velvet Underground. At the beginning of 2021, Magon marked his return with a second album, Hour After Hour, where he refined his formula of “urban experimental rock": we discovered new faces of the artist, as the songs led us through sweet pop ballads written for his girlfriend and sharp tracks whose riffs are decidedly more distorted and buzzing than in the past. Not contenting himself with the sole title of composer, he mixes and masters the records himself: the vision that guides him thus encompasses his entire project. The live band is made up of three other musicians, Ferdinand de Fournoux, Ingrid Samitier and Guillaume Bugnot, who are bringing their own touch on stage. And now, Magon's third record takes the spotlight : In The Blue - a title that announces the mystical journey into the colourful and eclectic universe of this album, illustrated by the artwork of Inuit artist Ningiukulu Teevee - a record that is particularly close to his heart. Composed around the birth of his first child, a little girl by the name of Jackie, this album changes the tone compared to previous ones. The tempo slows down, and pop songs take over. Magonʼs voice affirms itself more boldly, without sacrificing its so characteristic laid- back aura. With titles like The Willow or In The Blue, the imagery that emerges here is vivid and enchanting : nature seems omnipresent, as the colors of the forest, the ocean and the scorching sun gradually take hold of the listener's imagination.