Artist verifiedMANDY TAKES A GUN

Music is our breath ! it's a vital need. It's essential for us to put our aesthetics of life into our music... A form of neo/romantic pop/rock !!!

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Mandy Takes A Gun was born in 2019 from the desire of Lucca, singer and songwriter of the Band. Inspired by his muse Mandy, he speaks in each of the songs, like ''Another Way'', ''You'', ''Strange Little Girl'', ''Gimme your Hand'', of the Femme Fatale, the mythical woman, the absolute woman. That's why Lucca wanted to cover the song ''Femme Fatale'' of the Velvet Undergroud. This song accompanies him since he was a teenager. It is also a tribute to his meeting with Lou Reed in a New York cab in 2011. Lucca writes the lyrics and Alexandre Mazarguil his accomplice is a great composer, arranger, sound engineer, producer. All the songs are recorded in Alexandre's Parisian studio, UFO Studio. To have a perfect final sound, all songs are mastered in NYC by the excellent Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound Studio. Alexandre's pop/rock/electro compositions and Lucca's smooth and ethereal voice give an incomparable glam/rock atmosphere.