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Dj and producer from Madrid Owner of Bucketround and 2phonic Recordings.

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Manuel Costela


Manuel Costela is a Spanish producer from Madrid. His music is mostly Deep house with touches of Funk & Grooves. At a very young age, he started the Bucketround label. Which currently goes by the tenth reference and only produces Vinyl format. Bucketround was born from the initial idea of merging funk with Deep house music, publishing works of artists who are able to risk a bit in music production and to create a community of famous artists, collaborating with producers that are emerging right now. He started his electronic music carrier using an alias: Oval Future Face (O.F.F) which focused on exploring darker sounds. His last project is a new digital label, called 2phonic Recordings, this is created to discover new talented artists, based on electronic music, experimenting with different pre-defined styles. He has worked and is working in countless labels of international prestige some of them are: TH Pressing (Japan), Sub_Urban, Trax Records, Deep Explorer Music, Mate Recordings, Nang Records, Deepart Sounds, Black Jack Records, Melodica Records, Klassik (Chicago), Plastik People, Rare Wiri, Open Sound, B2 Recordings, Moiss Music, Discoweey, Lisztomania, Hot Digits, Delve Deeper, Deep Sense, MoodyHouse, Spa In Disco, Cyanide, Closer To Truth, Cenital Music, Real Balearic, Personal Belongings, To The Rock Records, Black Riot...etc And has collaborated with a lot of great artists, such as: K Alexi Shelby, Fran Deeper, Dubbyman, Above Smoke, Ney Faustini, Danielle Baldelli, Reggie Dokes, Dj Rocca, Pablo Bolivar, Rayko, Tominori Hosoya, and many many more.