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Marie Möör et Les Autres Couleurs


Marie Möör et Les Autres Couleurs (aka) The Other Colors is a French electronic band formed in 2007 in Paris, France, by Marie Möör and Laurent Chambert. The Other Colors took their name of the first song Les autres couleurs on the album 361. Marie Möör said at the end of the text : So I dug a tunnel. I found a way. Elsewhere. I have discovered... An other reality. Other colors. In French : Alors... J'ai creusé un tunnel. J'ai trouvé un passage. Ailleurs. J'ai découvert... Une autre réalité. D'autres couleurs. Marie Möör is known on the French music scene for her distinctive style, expressed in songs such as Pretty Day, La Man and J'aime l'ennui. Having collaborated with renowned artists like jazz saxophonist and composer Barney Wilen, singer-songwriter Jean-Louis Murat, electro-crooner Bertrand Burgalat and pop star Christophe, she has been working with composer and musician Laurent Chambert since 2001. (...)