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Producer Martinec was born in 1979 in Augsburg, Germany.

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Producer Martinec was born in 1979 in Augsburg, Germany, and decided to move to the countryside recently in order to let his creativity freely flow to the highest extent. He discovered his passion for the electronic music genre at a young age, which was inspired by songs such as “Alien Factory - Destiny” as well as “Tomorrow”, reinforcing his love for Trance and Techno music. Even though he likes fast paced electronic music, Martinec also has a very different side to him. As an apprentice as an organ and harmonium builder he also grew quite fond of classical music. In the midst of the ‘90s he first began DJ’ing at private parties with a very diverse set of Techno, Trance, House and Hip-Hop. Back in 2019, Martinec let his creative juices flow once again after taking a personal break which not only made him grow as a person, but it also made his music grow up. “For me, music is the greatest way to clear my mind and an excellent way to think of new ideas and projects.” – Christian Martinec