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Musical project of Maximiliano Cordido, an Argentine artist who began his career in the early 80s. / Glitchworld Recordings [Russia] / X&V Records [Mexico] / PurZynth Rekords [Mexico] / CLOSING RECORDS [Germany] / Streetlab Records / Jaywork Music Group [Italy] / Pianity [NFT] [France] / Nothing But... Records [UK] / KIKIKIX [Germany]

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Max Project is the musical project of Maximiliano Cordido, an Argentine artist who began his career in the early 80s. Max Project's musical debut was in September 1999 at an event in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, called "Primavera Electronika " in the "Plaza San Martín" in said city. He shared the stage with the main DJs from La Plata, groups like "Audioperú" and DJs like "Club Rayo", among others. In that same year is presented at the "Electronika 2" event, this time with groups such as "Sector 7G" and "Planetaria". At the end of that year 1991 it appears as the opening of the show of the group "Estupendo" at the Auditorium of Fine Arts, then live at the local "El Chacal". In 2000, he was selected by "PC Users" magazine to edit the "Noise drum" track on the "MP3 Special" compilation CD. The site "" invites you to be part of its well-known music portal in MP3 format. Also and "". During 2001 he is incorporated to the record label "Sonic 360" in London, United Kingdom. (Led by Coldplay's first producer) Since that year he has formed several musical groups, both electronic (Ars Flusser - Secuencia 0 - Proyecciones Aereas), pop (EN) and rock (Secuaz); performing live in different places of the City of La Plata, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2019 he starts his Radioshow "Exotica" on radio Forty FM 106.9 and Streaming (9 de Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina), where he presents emerging artists from all over the world within the universe of electronic music. He currently continues producing electronic music and dedicating himself to the programming and design of VST-VSTi with his Software Company "Max Project T.Rex". He has been featured in Music Informatics magazines like Computer Music, Future Music, Beat Magazin, Keys Magazine and hundreds of Blogs, Youtube reviews and has over 250K views on his personal site.