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Meaning of Tales (M.o.T), is a new collaboration between Carl Egger (guitar) and Théophile Huau Armani (lead singer). First French band ever signed by Violette Records, the harmony and softness is a quest for this kind and empathetic duet.

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Meaning of Tales


"There is no chance, there are only meetings" - a quote attributed to Paul Éluard and sung by Etienne Daho is ideal when we talk about the meeting between Carl Egger and Théophile Huau Armani during an evening with mutual friends. Carl struck a virtuoso chord shape which only he knows and the ears of Théophile - the music lover - stand to attention. The call of harmony is too strong for this fan of the Fleet Foxes and those groups of the 70s. Spontaneously Théo joins the guitarist to put his voice on a melody which seems destined for him only. They didn't know it yet but this musical infatuation, this instant complicity had just given birth to Meaning of Tales, the first French group signed by the Anglo-French label Violette Records, a scout for raw talent like Studio Electrophonique and Tigers and Flies and a haven of seasoned songwriters like Michael Head and Jim McCulloch. If nothing predestined Carl and Théo to unite their talents from hitherto different musical paths: classical music study from an early age and jazz training for one, adolescent English indie rock for the other, their meeting was ultimately well and truly scheduled. Driven by an urgency, two days after that fateful evening the two accomplices meet again to share their desire for discovering new musical paths around their mutual influences (Beach Boys, Andy Shauf, Nick Drake, Glenn Hansard, etc.). From prolific writing sessions in a former painter's studio to inspired Normandy rural residences, evenings by firesides, improvisations without forethought, Carl and Théo quickly get caught up in the game and record six songs that are passed around among close friends and immediately seduce Matt Lockett and Pascal Blua at Violette Records. Six songs like luminous landscapes, inspired by the ghosts of the artists who still haunt Giverny and its surroundings. Six peaceful titles which reveal a harmonious panoramic tapestry rich in details and nuances. Six pieces woven by craftsmen whose vocal harmonies venture on the steep paths of arpeggios that are sometimes so exalted and yet so accessible. Six compositions that remind us that where there is life there are dreams. Somewhere between Simon & Garfunkel and the Kings of Convenience, Meaning of Tales bring benevolent and empathetic music in their own style. Music that will evoke memories of youth for some, without any nostalgia but with infinite tenderness, and will teleport others to nature at sunset. Music that proves Aristotle right: so much will it soften our morals and delight our hearts. A music that enters another dimension live, when accompanied by four other equally inhabited musicians taking on a singular scale. Four voices, a flute and the precious compositions of Meaning of Tales soar to other harmonic heights to embark an audience carried by the sincerity, the limpid beauty and the irresistible force of this highly infectious music.