Artist verifiedMessora

Messora is a progressive death metal project based in Montréal.

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Formed as a solo recording project in 2016, Messora has become a band that obscures and challenges genre. To the band, the music comes as what feels best in the moment. To the fans, it is a kaleidoscope of sound that appears different at every glance and to every eye. Messora has been described as Death Metal, Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Melodic Metal, and Doom Metal, and Experimental music by fans and showgoers. The elements that make up the music may seem familiar to some, yet the whole remains a challenge to define. The band knows how to set themselves apart from others musically as well as aesthetically, with showmanship and presentation second only to musical performance during their live show. They demand attention with their presentation, but keep it with the strength of their performance and musicianship. Messora always delivers, visually, aesthetically and musically. Messora has headlined shows in Kingston, Ottawa, Montréal and Mont-Laurier, and has opened for popular international bands such as Replacire, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Wolfheart, Mors Principium Est, Carach Angren and Inanimate Existence. Messora released their debut album The Door on October 4th 2019 to widespread acclaim from fans and critics, establishing the act as an important part of the Montréal metal scene.