Artist verifiedMichael Kortenhaus

Lover of synthetic sounds untill the early 80's. Hypnotic, raw, melodic, epic and drama are the sources of my sound.

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Michael Kortenhaus


I am a child of he glory 80’s, born in Munich. My very first contact with purely electronic made dance music was „underpath“ by John Foxx. This shiny tune changed my understanding for music forever, the sound of synthesizers in the rughest way possible at this time. After this experience listening to ordinary tunes like pop and rock was not possible any more, something was missing…. Artists from the synth pop or wave style like New Order, DAF, the early Human League, the whole belgish scene from EBM and so on where absolutely game changer. But the first visit of an acid house festival in London at the beginning of he 90’s shows the future of modern music, techno was born. I completely soaking up this new way of music culture. So I begun my little DJ career, later his first releases came on German labels Over Drive, Disko B or electrolux. In the beginning of the new millenium I distance myself from the in my own opinion „oversaturated“ techno scene. 2012 I started again to left some small foot prints, I did several live gigs as Benni und Herr Kort in the Munich’s club scene. Later I founded the duo Lucid Soul and at 2019 I begun to release again under my real name on several labels like Another Life Music, Polyptych, Soundteller, Room 307 and so on.