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Based in the center of Romania, surrounded by astonishing nature, dancing mountains and happy animals, Mihai soon realized his passion for music is much higher than for programming and dropped his promising IT career in to pursue his true inner calling.

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Mihai Pol


Mihai Pol is a music creator that lives and works in Brașov, Romania. His organic interpretation of sound often results in groovy beats, tracks or dj sets that can transmit complex emotions. His musical productions have been released on vinyl by record labels like Bipolar, Telum, Subtil, Tzinah, Trick Track Records, Synesthesia, Otaku, Feno Volana, MTM and Kapture. As a DJ and selector, Mihai Pol is always on the move, delighting crowds in numerous underground locations around the world. His sound can be described as the perfect blend between the typical ro-minimal trippy groove approach with a uniquely deep and gentle melodic drift, making his style appreciated and recognized all over the world.