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Sharing electronic waves along the Atlantic shores. Music Art • Wellness • Food • Talks 🇵🇹 Caparica • 1 ⇢ 4 JUN 2023 🇲🇦 Essaouira • OCT 2023

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Moga Tribe


MOGA is a boutique electronic music festival that travels to different locations along the Atlantic coast, showcasing local cultures and music scenes. The festival takes place in two locations: >> Essaouira in Morocco >> Caparica in Portugal The festival, which was born in 2016 in Essaouira and takes its name from the historic Mogador, is characterized by its fusion of electronic music, sunset parties, and activities such as yoga, surfing, and food, all infused with the unique vibes of the host locations. MOGA's goals are: - Establish collaborative projects between local artists and electronic DJs to enhance the blending of cultures. - Collaborate with local organizations and authorities to promote the host city and support local businesses.