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Award-Winning Digital Creator-Phenomenon, Artist and Songwriter Based In Turkey.

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Murat Ekşioğlu


Murat Eksioglu Who? Murat Eksioglu Biography: Murat Eksioglu, was originally born in Ankara, Turkey on February 09, 2001. Its height is 1.76 cm. He is a secondary school graduate. Today, we continue our education life in high school. Especially in 2016, he got a serious breakthrough with his song titled "Ask Acityor" in his album titled "Kalpten Gelen Sarkilar". In addition to being a strong and flexible vocal, it also attracts attention with its eye-catching stage performance. "Ask Acityor", "There's Something More" single, "Gelevera Deresi" and "Deniz Ustu Kopurur" as gained great admiration with more cover studies, it is at the top of the list on digital platforms. Record the 2015 sound recordings and her single studio album "There's Something More", her single work in 2018, on dailymotion. In addition to the official web page of his composition and cover records, Murat Eksioglu is preparing to bring his new album and single work to his fans. He was known as a social media phenomenon in the first periods, and later started his music life. Murat Eksioglu, who started to share on social media accounts while he was in primary education period, stated that he aimed to entertain people and make him happy, he was himself while singing and that he wanted to improve himself in the following periods. Murat Eksioglu's new English single "Show The World" appeared on all digital platforms on January 9. Murat Eksioglu's 2018 Cover song "Deniz Ustu Kopurur" is now licensed and officially released on all digital music platforms.