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Nacres, his real name is Serkan Erkan. He was born in 1975 in Istanbul/Turkey. He's 30 years of music experience. Nacres, which has a music label called Soundeluxe that have been on the Beatport "Best" charts many times. In addition, He has been making monthly programs as a resident in di FM for nearly 2 years. He produce Progressive House & Progressive Minimal Deep Tech.

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Nacres, his real name is Serkan Erkan. He was born in 1975 in Istanbul/Turkey. He tended to music even before he started primary school. His biggest pleasure was listening to music with his family's records archive. During his first years of elementary school, Pink Floyd was the first band he would listen to throughout his life and be fan. This love of music might have guided him on electronics, which he associates as a profession, and studied electronics. After his education, He worked for 3 years in Istanbul's most important sound companies "Nefan" and "Display Ses & Işık" on sound and lighting systems. He was taking resident dj offer by Taxim Night Park, one of the most famous and important nightclubs of the period, where he established the sound system in 1993. By accepting this offer, he worked in Cubuklu 29, the summer residence of Taxim Night Park and Taxim Night Park, for 4 years as a Resident DJ and special night manager. During these periods, he was a guest DJ at places such as Club 2019 (Twenty), Andromeda, which are among the important venues of Istanbul. He regularly made live shows on Radio Cool, the popular electronic music radio of the time. By 1997, he went to Cyprus, which was the event that would end his music career. In Istanbul, in Turkey despite his young age due to the demonstrated capabilities are also among the biggest musical life that was finished. Until 2018, he did not professionally deal with music for a total of 21 years. With the death of his father in 2018, he decided to return to music. "Nibiru", the first E.P released from 3XA Music owned by Clinique Group in October 2019, although it was its first release, "Hawking Talking" in E.P was among the best songs on the "Release Promo" list. After this album, he returned to Istanbul, where he had not lived for 23 years, and started living in Istanbul again. Later, he made successive E.Ps, Singles, and remixes. Yielding a total of more than 70 tracks in a year when production begins, Europe's a lot of electronic music label was shown as the most important capability of Turkey, like a "Bonzai Music". His songs have repeatedly entered Beatport's top 100 charts and major media charts such as "Release Promo Hype". It has been played over and over by dead DJs like Hernan Cattaneo. The musical style is positioned somewhere between Minimal Deep Tech and Progressive House. His style, which creates a unique drum-based sub-top, has not been fully categorized by many labels. He founded his music label, Soundeluxe, towards the end of 2020. In the first month of 2021, signed for the continuous radio show "Deep Data", And He became the resident DJ of Di.Fm. A remix He had previously made, raised it on to the Di.Fm top 10 list. Among the names he has been working with since 2020; There are names such as Dj Tarkan, Cj Art, Ewan Rill, Nico Parisi, Airwave, Phi Phi, K. Loveski.