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NAOBA is the name of the ancient mystical people of Ometepe island in Nicaragua. Legend has it that they transmodulated into a higher dimension. The artist behind NAOBA is Tamara Montenegro, a visionary music & sound artist from Nicaragua creating music with world archeological instrumentation blending with electronic elements and psychoacoustics.

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Music producer and performer since 2008. As a very creative prolific music producer with a plethora of musical works NAOBA’s electroethnic research combines a wide range of archeological and ancestral instrumentation of mesoamerica, as well as world rhythms and global bass in her unique style of productions. Her organic downtempo and uptempo sound is full and rich with grounding grooves and soulful melodies. NAOBA's research in the field of vibrational and resonant science the basis of her diverse soundscape productions for Film, somatic practice, Meditation, Holotropic Breathwork and other mind-body practices.