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Post-human(istic) Proto-alien Cosmo-visionary, eclectic syncretist and ultra-cultural artist Some of Niyu's music minted as NFT are exclusive collector's items for Pianity. This expensive items will be exclusive works for collectors or people wants to own unique copies of Niyu's musical jewels. If interested in Niyu's work, check Niyu's name/logo on every other streaming platform.

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BIO Niyu is a South American artist who has established a reputation for being both versatile and innovative. He is a multi-talented musician, who works as a composer, performer, and sound artist, utilizing various media to create a sound that is consistently evolving. His works cover a wide range of medias. His avant-garde installations, such as "Animal de Sens", evoke multi-dimensional spaces that incorporate sound parameters through the use of what he calls "plateaux de son." ​ Niyu's work encompasses a diverse range of styles embracing polysequential and sometimes temporal/atemporal rhythms, resulting in a unique and ever-expanding sound. Niyu's music challenges the listener to expand their perception of what is or should be considered "music". ​ Niyu also holds a degree in music composition and composes for orchestra, chamber music, choir, piano, guitar... His background in traditional music composition blends with his experimental approach bringing excitement to the music scene. He has also collaborate with artists from around the world as a performer, music producer, mixing engineer, soundscape recorder, editor and the list continues. ​ Niyu has been active in the scene for many years and far from stopping soon. His work is known for its originality, experimentation, and for pushing boundaries in the field. He is constantly looking for new ideas, searching, innovating and encouraging others to find their voice and creating with originality and honesty. Constantly challenging audiences to think differently about the role of sound and perception, while also exploring the possibilities of the medium. His work is a reflection of his passion and dedication to the art of experimental music, and he continues to inspire others with his creativity and artistry