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Passionate about music, Norver has started the musical production in 2015, releasing his first EP in 2017, when also his journey as a DJ begun. From then he was looking to improve his productions and to deliver a unique sound, representing his versatility as an artist.

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Born in Brasov, his interest in music starts from an early age, when he realised that was very attracted by the trancey melodies in the electronic music he could get to listen at that time. Because this was sticking to his mind, after exploring other genres of music, he finds himself discovering again what electronic subgenres has to offer, when he was at university. That's when he started to learn music production, after being a vocalist in an indie band in the high school. His oscillations between hypnotic dreamy sounds, ethereal, dark atmospheres or calm rhythms and some heavy sounding tunes with eccentric funky elements, bleepy decor and squelchy basslines are materialized mostly into deeptech, minimal, micro-house and deep house subgenres, creating a unique sound for you, to explore. In his music you can also discover infusions from other musical styles, as he is keen to experiment, blending some alternative elements with the already acknowledged processes of creating tracks in the genres that he approaches.