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Ohxala is the musical project of Maria & Luis. The Portuguese duo explores a thematic cut with a focus on Iberic, Brazilian, and African cultures. Inspired by the strong foundation of popular and ancient rhythms, their music is full of field recordings, blending traditional ethnic folk elements with contemporary electronic music.

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Ohxala: Rhythms of the World Explore a musical journey with Ohxala - a duo that blends the sounds of the Amazon, Africa, and Portugal to create an electrifying fusion of music. Their performance is a captivating soundscape that brings the spirit of ritual back to the dance floor. Ohxala stands at the forefront of the Ethnobeats movement, which is a global phenomenon that celebrates the rich tapestry of traditional rhythms and sounds. Maria and Luis are passionate about exploring the world which led them to gather an incredible collection of field recordings, each one a unique and precious reflection of the cultures they have encountered. Their latest album, "Gentes da minha Terra," is a mesmerizing sonic collage that transports listeners to the hidden corners of their native Portugal. Experience the transformative power of Ohxala's music - a celebration of life, diversity, and unity. Hello, remixes, info & bookings > [email protected]