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Hello, My names is Oscar, I am a self-taught pianist and composer from France. From my point of view, when we listen to music, it triggers images, memories, feelings or creativity and offer us a way to disconnect from the outside, to plug-in with the inside. It helps building a scenery, that is very much personal.

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Oscar Kowalski


I started playing the piano out of solitary weekends when I was a teen. Losing the notion of time, I was spending my all afternoon founding pieces that I like as well as putting together small compositions. At that time, I never had any formal training. I think I was just being a pianist, as opposed to learning the piano. I kept on doing that for several years, with other instruments coming along the way. Bass, guitar, drums are instruments I came to play as well. I was getting more and more into the music creation. When I reached 21, I decided to stop my economics study to enrol to a music university. After 4 years studying music composition and production, I started working as a composer. As you may imagine, this is a tricky business and one has to see that as a marathon rather than a sprint. Today, I'm very happy to say that I'm getting more and more recognition from my audience and from members of the industry. Being backed-up by a trustworthy label has also been a great game changer. I am advised and supported on every aspect of my career. Fuelled by this positive evolution, I am looking forward to compose and produce more and more music.