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Where words fail, music speaks.

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Oxy is a new wave upcoming DJ and producer full of passion and determination. Even though he is at the start of the road, his unique style has made some big artists to bet on him. He lives by the motto “dreams don’t work unless you do”. He shared the booth with artists like Sit (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Sublee, Charlie, Silat Beksi, Vlad Arapasu, Andrei Ciubuc, Crihan, Mera, Dinu, Vizan, Alsi, Los Bastoneros, DumitrEscu, Lulla and many more. He played in well known venues such as Starlane (LDN), Gradina Monteoru (RO), Spatiu Tehnic (RO), big clubs like Visionnaire by OXYA x ZAMNA (RO) or festivals such as Fabrika Fest (TUN) or UNTOLD FESTIVAL Day Zero (RO) and many more other events and venues. He's not only playing digital, but he’s also a big fan of vinyl. As a producer, Oxy has some big upcoming releases on Telurian, Micronica & Puls, also past releases on Zebra, Solina (LDN), BUTARecords, reActive, Wowie Music and a few others. Additionally, he has put out his debut NFT release, “Organic Transistor” on the London-based Solina Label. Not to forget, that his NFT release was played by Bila at Sunwaves 30. Also, the official aftermovie for Picnic Fonic also includes his tune "Blue Channel" from his 3-track EP on reActive. His first released track, "Rolling Xandra," received over 6000 views on YouTube in a matter of days, as well as numerous purchases on his personal Bandcamp page.