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Alternative Electronic music project from Romania. László Miklosi aka Parsecproject speaks: "From childhood, I became an electronic music enthusiast, which actually means that I like and enjoy all sorts of electronic instruments, almost anything that can generate a sound or noise and /or a rhythm and I can incorporate it in my music." Released an album "II O II II" (2022) on 3ToThe3rdRecords (Bel)

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Alternative Electronic music solo project based in Romania, by László Miklosi. Stylistically speaking, can be situated in the sphere of influences by iconic artists of the 90's-2000's from WARP records... Parsecproject appeared on the vol.1 and 3 of "Optional Essentials" VA compilations: and also has his own Bandcamp: An album "II O II II" was released on 3ToThe3rdRecords in july 2022. and the label will bring you a brand new mini-album in june 2023, "Apparatus".