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🪐 Music duo If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

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The story of this music duo started when two kids, close friends from childhood, ran across the woods searching for this mysterious insect, the Phasme. Elliot, playing guitar and having the passion for music, went to London to join the « Tech Music School » and the « British & Irish Modern Music Institute » to develop nourish his art within the English culture. On the other way, Jules joined the EDNA school in Nantes, learning graphic design and creating music for video games while his passion for music was growing. One evening, during summer holidays, the two friends started the elaboration of their first song « Motherfucker ». Right away, they established the guidelines of the band which they called as a symbol of their friendship, « Phasme ». The two brother in mind combing their individual experience brings a special symbiosis to the band, that reminds of great stories. Inspired from the French touch music scene, Phasme create their own world. The mix between guitars, electronic sounds tints their music of escape, dream and space.