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Spanish DJ, Producer, and owner of the well respected Nudisco label 'Rare Wiri' where he has released some of the coolest names out there during all these years like Daniele Baldelli or Man Parrish. He has also put out music in some of the best imprints of the genre like Eskimo, Nang, Lumberjacks in Hell, Jalapeno, Whiskey Disco and many more.

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Based in the beautiful and vibrant city of Madrid, Spanish DJ and Producer Extraordinaire - Rayko has been a leading light in the clubbing scene around Europe and beyond, since he founded his magnificent Rare Wiri label in 2008 where he has released some of the coolest names out there during all these years like Daniele Baldelli, Man Parrish, Gazeebo, Ilija Rudman, Ichisan, Spirit Catcher, Mushrooms Project, or Eric Duncan among many others His very unique sound and personality, and incredible work ethic, coupled with unstoppable creative genius have given Rayko the momentum and consistency to stack up a number of great achievements in his genres, although being such a humble and down to earth guy, he will tell you that he just loves what he does and is perpetually inspired to keep on doing it! Deeply rooted in the golden era of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Rayko’s influences are masterfully interpreted and transformed into modern day dancefloor bombs with great vision. His love affair with the evolution of synthesizers and vintage drum machines has gone on to heavily fuel his sound today, in addition to sonic desires of 80s Rock evident in his catalogue, that displays such exquisite musical versatility. Rayko is very proud to have featured on over fifty great vinyl releases, spread across labels such as Eskimo, Is it Balearic?, Whisky Disco, Lumberjacks in Hell, and Editorial, including two studio albums on Nang Recordings, in addition to over two hundred digital releases. Many of these titles have been repeatedly featured in Top 10 sales charts, with some releases making it to the coveted number one position on platforms like Juno Download, Beatport, and Traxsource. His talents as a remixer have been in constant high demand, with invitations from coveted Artists like Psychemagik, Sirs, In Flagranti, Roberto Rodriguez, or Dj Rocca, to name a few, calling upon his exceptional skills. In his capacity as DJ, Rayko is much loved wherever he goes. He has toured extensively, having played in some of the best clubs and festivals all over the world, from London, Berlin, San Diego, Ibiza, Paris, Milan, San Francisco, Tulum, Barcelona, Manchester, Los Angeles, Medellin, Cairo, Miami, Istanbul, Moscow, Tokyo, Mexico City, Liverpool, Oslo, Rio de Janeiro, Bali, to Lebanon and beyond, he continues to show love to his huge following, who are collectively responsible for his incredible global streaming numbers of over six million plays on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. As his fantastic catalogue continues to expand through the years, Rayko has become one of the most loved names in modern Disco.