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I'm an Argentinian singer. I live in Bastia, France. I play argentinian folk and world music.

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Rosela Libertad


Rosela Libertad is an artist born on the Argentinean littoral. As a child, she began to sing and play the guitar, influenced by her father's love of music. She later continued to learn and perfect her technique in various educational institutions and by taking private singing lessons. She found the basis of her repertoire in the so-called "ritmos de agua" (chamamé, rasguido doble, etc.) and in the music of the llanura (milongas, estilos, zambas). Thanks to her appearances on various stages and in the main media of her country, she has undoubtedly earned not only the respect and goodwill of the public but also the consideration of her peers. A perfectionist, versatile and self-taught, Rosela approaches each of the works in her repertoire with the necessary respect, carrying out constant research. She is currently working on her next shows. She's also vocal coach, artistic producer of a radio programme in Argentina, and member of Brama Production in France.