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Jazz pianist, composer and producer

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Sarkis Ricci


Sarkis Ricci is a French Armenian jazzman. Sarkis started classical piano at 5 and he followed with a jazz training at American School of Mordern Music where he worked on his technique, developed his interest in electronic music and built his projects as a composer and musician in jazz, hip-hop and pop with the French Band Chromatik . He worked at the Boulogne Conservatory as a piano teacher and MBC teacher (Music By Computer) and was appointed studio director and musical director for the Sauvage FFW label (Paris). “Mediterranean Blues” is Sarkis Ricci’s first piano solo Album released as an NFT. The album embarks upon a musical journey in the past, between the mediterranean shores of Greece and Anatolia. Sarkis decided to isolate in winter 2019, on the island of Corfu for a musical retreat. During this residence he wrote “Mediterranean Blues”, which combines both old and recent compositions. Sarkis is working on his new band with Guti « modal tune » ,Fusion of jazz and electronic music. They are releasing their first album in the coming year. He is actually teaching music production and piano at the « Freedom engine academy »,Mathew Jonson school Picture 1 Anna Bresoli Picture 2 Yegan Mazandarani