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If I don’t like something, I should try to do it better by myself. Having little access to the music I could catch on the radio and MTV (and being majorly dissatisfied with it) made me start composing music I would enjoy. That’s how I started experimenting with FL Studio and couldn’t stop.

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Seva M


Seva M is a Hip-Hop and cinematic music producer from Chelyabinsk, Russia, currently residing in Budapest, Hungary. His upbeat style and classic orchestral inserts make his music a great soundtrack to a variety of life experiences. At age 12 Seva figured that if he doesn’t produce music matching his own taste, he will have to listen to commercial pop stuff on MTV and radio, which was suboptimal. He needed way more Hip-Hop and electronic music than he had access to in Russia before the internet. In college, Seva wrote original scores for theatre plays and went on national tours around Bulgaria as a sound engineer for multiple musicals. Seva helped hundreds of producers get their music heard when he launched, and continues providing valuable support to online music platforms, predominantly in Web3 space, in a form of regular reviews on and interviews.