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Born in Romania, my musical curiosity began at 12. Exploring different instruments led me to electronic soundscapes. After moving to London in 2014, I immersed myself in its music scene. With a penchant for minimalism and authenticity, I let my music share my story.

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Born in Romania, Claudiu Sfetan delved into the world of music at the young age of 12. Surrounded by musicians from an early age, he began with the guitar, then moved on to the piano. It was through his piano teacher’s son that Claudiu was introduced to music production software, sparking his interest in electronic music experimentation. By 2006, he secured his first residency at a local venue. Collaborating with the influential music talents of that era, he honed his vision and style. The scarcity of resources at the time only pushed him to invest even more effort into his craft, striving for versatility in his performances. In 2014, Claudiu relocated to London, naturally gravitating towards its burgeoning electronic music community. By 2015, the name "Sfetan" was recognized in musical circles, establishing his presence and influence. Claudiu's production and selection convey a raw, dynamic emotion. Embracing a "less is more" philosophy, he applies the KonMari method to his music, ensuring only the most meaningful elements shine through. His multifaceted approach showcases a continuous evolution in both production and selection. Yet, words alone can't capture the depth and essence of Claudiu's work – it's best experienced firsthand.