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Composer, musician and producer based in New York.

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Dan Chen is a musician, composer and producer based in New York City. Best known as the keyboardist for both Mike Doughty and Nicole Atkins, Chen was a touring musician for over a decade, starting with his band Moonraker (1998–2004), then as the keyboardist for Mike Doughty's Band from 2005–2006, and as the keyboardist and back-up vocalist in Nicole Atkins & The Sea from 2006–2009. He co-wrote two songs on Nicole Atkins' 2011 album Mondo Amore, and appears on her 2021 album Memphis Ice. As a producer, Chen is one-half of the production duo Stuhr, whose remixes have appeared on Bebel Gilberto Remixed, Oscillate Records Vol.1, and Buddha Bar VII. Stuhr co-wrote and produced three albums for singer Natalie Walker: Urban Angel (2007), With You (2009), and Spark (2011), all of which were released on Dorado Records. Between 2010 and 2014, Chen co-wrote and produced three albums with the band Color of Clouds, released by Fennely Records in Japan and Some Music in South Korea. He also produced the self-titled debut EP for artist Eddi Front (2012), and her follow up record Marina (2016), both released on Best Fit Recordings. Under the moniker Shaolun, he continues to create music, and in particular is focused on collaborative NFT projects with digital artists. Stylistically, Shaolun's tracks most often fall into the electronic genre; he has taken a deep dive into music synthesis, but as a pianist who studied both classical and jazz, analog instruments are almost always audible somewhere in the mix.