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SILEREVES proposes a very original music which borrows from serial music, electro, but also in the past the minimalist Pop and the Dream-Folk. The compositions sometimes paint very "cinematographic" sound landscapes for a very personal and always slightly experimental French-touch.

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As a child, SILEREVES he tampered with magnetic tapes and made many recordings of experimental music on cassettes . He uses French but also German and English in the titles of its instrumental music. In parallel to the live performances in some bands SILEREVES recorded the Pop album "Sun Marie Sun Laïus", then he explored the electronic music with "La Porte d'or". The single "Cut cut the Rabbit" became number 1 of "l'Echo du village" and at this point SILEREVES started to self-publish his albums, like the compilation "PATCHWORK". The Swiss Label "DBC" finnaly distributed the following album "Eternity", while SILEREVES produced some web-radio emissions where he promoted his next albums : "Last", "Yalin's flat Snakes und Chocolates", and the collaboration with Benjamin Popp for "SEPTEMBRE". Then came out "No Geranium", before a silence where SILEREVES produced theater music. "TAGGEDREAMS" is released in 2013, before the author devoted himself to writing fiction for many years (a trilogy + 2 novels). In 2019 SILEREVES is back with the EP "SUN/PAGAAL", followed by "PAGAAL SUN". He also began the release of all old albums on streaming platforms. After the EP "Pong Cantabile" and a film score, a new album is in production for early 2023.